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Relationship Allegri Pirlo and poor, his future whereabouts confusing. Three years ago, precisely because Allegri, Andrea Pirlo and Milan to renew it did not choose to leave. Unexpected is, three years later, the two met again. Although Allegri said at a news conference to join, "There is no problem Wholesale nfl jerseys china between me and Andrea Pirlo, I never questioned his ability, I'm glad the two met again." In fact, the probability of a great Pirlo leave . Transfers experts Rye Mundie said, Pirlo could join Galatasaray. Currently, Galatasaray coach Cesare Prandelli is the former Italy coach who loves to prepare quotes Buy

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In addition to Pirlo, Andrea Barzagli and Austria are also likely to leave, because both of them Allegri Wholesale nfl jerseys china strength skeptical. In the past few seasons, Barzagli's performance is very strong. However, Barzagli recently underwent ankle surgery. Taking into account the 33-year-old Barzagli after surgery can be restored to what extent, Allegri worried. Ao Bangna Juventus last summer, focusing on the introduction of the players.

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In the transfer market, Allegri phase of the two loyalists, Abate and Astori. Among them, Wholesale nfl jerseys china the Abarth players when he coached Milan, worth 8 million euros. Astori Allegri at Cagliari and had to work through. However, Astori close to joining Lazio. If you want stolen Astori, Juventus takes effort. Verona midfielder Romulo also appreciate Allegri players. Verona just buyout Romulo, the former Florence intends to sell high-priced midfielder.

Fagan, the famous NBA agent, Dan - Fagan, Rubio is his agent player, he is also a past wholesale nfl jerseys cheap Yi's agent, the players in terms of hype quite means. For Fagan, he will obviously help Rubio fight for the maximum salary contract.

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In fact, in the course of the season, there was news leaked Rubio wants maximum salary contract, and hope that their standard contract over the Warriors Curry and contract renewal. Curry as the players headed warrior, then four-year contract extension only $ 44 million of it, look to the league, the players in the non-rookie contract, which cost no one can.

Last season, Manchester United in the Premier League only won the first seven, and even missed the NFL Jerseys Champions League this season, which is called the humiliation for the Red Devils. This season, the Red Devils hired a new coach Louis van Gaal, who had just led the Netherlands to get a good score in the third World Cup in Brazil.

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