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Ever since House Speaker John Boehner said publicly that President Obama exercise of the powers conferred by the Constitution beyond, intends to sue Obama since the two parties set off a new round of fighting, Obama has not only the so-called abuse of power to apologize, but to Boehner shouted sue me. . This round things off war of words highest authority decision makers, compared to more entertainment and gossip marketplace attracted the attention of the people, the House of Representatives hearing brewing for several weeks and even attracted a middle-aged man holding a baby, because too curious and take the kids came to the scene, but had to because of the baby's crying and left the meeting early.

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Although the chairman of the House Legal Affairs Committee, Republican lawmakers Sa Sensi (PeterSessions) prologue interference baby crying once, but did not prevent him from Obama's alleged abuse of power key areas - lashed Obamacare. Sa Sensi leadership committee prepared a House speaker to Obama authorized to perform their duties consistent with the constitutional draft bill lawsuit filed by the draft regulations House Counsel's office can bring or intervene in proceedings on behalf of the House of Representatives can also hire outside legal counsel involved in hospital litigation.

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Sa Sensi stern warning, separation of powers principle is being destroyed, government is always trying to exert influence over the other branches, Congress effectively on behalf of the American people's ability is severely limited, Obama in this way. Gone too far . If Congress does not take immediate action, legislative and will continue to be eroded.

Although a majority of the Republican Party has set a priority issue, but reporters on the Buy Jerseysscene saw Democrats and their aides have outdone exert all efforts to improve the voice. A Democratic aide guard in the conference room door, passing to all staff, especially reporters distribute House prosecution Obama is 'political gimmick' materials.

Conference room inside, a member of the minority party chief regulatory committee Tesla Patel (LouiseSlaughter) and fierce battle, lashed out at his lengthy speech, Republicans brewing sue ‚Äč‚ÄčObama is purely ridiculous political movement, taking into account the regulatory committee Obama is the only committee hearing on the prosecution held the minority party must argue.

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Because they do not like the law, and now the Republicans actually choose to prosecute Obama, they do only make faster implementation of the law. Tesla Patel said.

Many Democrats, including Tesla Patel, McGovern (James McGovern), including expected for Obama this wave of political movement in the November mid-term elections will be temporarily peaked help Republicans gained more votes.

Members sitting position with the different parties similar to the American jurisprudence experts on the witness stand is also divided into clear-cut very Austrian School and down Austrian whether the Obama administration to Congress caused substantial damage is the focus of debate one. University of Baltimore School of Law professor, who work in Congress for 15 years, Plovdiv (CharlesTiefer) in his testimony that it substantial damage elements of proof is Boehner sued, but Congress did not lose a penny, the House of Representatives and no one So hospitalization, the House of Representatives and no devaluation of property, the prosecution Obama does not hold water, since this would make Boehner brewing in the lawsuit as a awkward loser.

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George Washington University law professor John Terry (Jonathan Turley) not think so. He said that he had voted during the 2008 presidential election to Obama, support Obamacare, but now its disappointment government is trying to make the power of Congress minimize the efforts of the House of Representatives to take legal action to be welcomed.

The entire hearing smoke, constantly citing constitutional law scholars even sages who corroborated his own view of the Constitution to correct interpretation, highlighting various viewpoints intertwined circles of the United States, Obama is the abuse of power, whether the harm Congress the huge differences. Although the hearing was not able to pass the same voice, but House Republicans have decided to move on regulatory committee next week to vote on whether to give Obama the power to sue House Speaker, the House will vote on the hospital before the end of July.

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For Capitol Hill carved staged to prosecute drama The White House has been sit on the sidelines. Ernest White House spokesman, said the move will not be supported by the House of Representatives about the majority of Americans. This structure of public policy poll (Public Policy Polling) released data show that 51 percent of Americans believe that Obama Boehner sued merely political gimmick. However, the good show was kicked off, I'm afraid 1:30 will also be difficult whistle.

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