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U.S. Yahoo! News Network reported that a woman in California due to repeatedly call 911 so the police to her home in the sexual intercourse was eventually arrested by the police. According to reports, the woman called Maria Montana Cullen (Maria Montanez-Colon), 58 years old this nfl jerseys usa Mary first alarm to find an excuse for the police shouted at home, and when the police officer Justin Dai Fute (Justin Davoult) arrived to find Mary blushed drunk, tried to approach Justin and rubbing his chest, said he has been for many years no sex.

Justin immediately and warned them to leave. Unexpectedly, Mary once again call 911, Justin refused to complain and ask her to go to another police officer. Currently, Maria abuse of 911 system was arrested by the police. ,wholesale nfl jerseys usa Said neighbor Mary Mary I is not that bad, I hope the police to help them quit alcohol problems without its implementation imprisonment.sp;

Conn. man convicted of using a knife stabbed slaughter watermelon charged with threatening to show his wife, and then the man was arrested.

Reported that the couple prepared to divorce, and his wife discovered her husband's toolbox containing prescription drugs and marijuana containers. After his wife went to the police station to report the situation back home, I saw a kitchen knife stuck in the slaughter of watermelon. Then her husband came into the kitchen in silence, just crazy hacking watermelon, and his wife thought it was her husband want to hurt her implied.

According to reports, the man was subsequently arrested by the police, wholesale jerseys usa was convicted of misconduct and disorderly. The man paid $ 500 after being temporarily released. It is reported that the local police will be the case as serious cases of domestic violence, the man will stand again in court on August 28

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